Camel Slaughter Goes wrong Near Dubai Hotels

Camel Slaughter Goes wrong Near Dubai Hotels when a non professional butcher tried to slaughter it on the event of the famous festival of Eid. Many people had gathered on the road including the children and ladies as well since this animal has been expansive for the sacrifice. The butcher along with his other companions could not manage to cut its neck properly that resulted the animal to get annoyed.

Camel has been quite rare animal near Dubai Hotels for the sacrificial purpose although many people wanted to slaughter for their religious purpose on their Eid festivals. Usually others animals like of male goats and male cows have been slaughtered by the common man. Other animals’ slaughter has been quite easy as many people have learned to slaughter by their own selves.

A video of slaughter of such big animals went wrong when a non professional butcher could not cut its neck properly. The big animal turned violent and started to run in different direction on the streets which were full of people. The butcher and his companions were so non professional that they could not even tie up the animal tightly with any tree or rope.

The camel got annoyed in front of Dubai Hotels with this act of the butcher and wanted to escape from the situation as it was hurt badly by the non professionalism of the men. They mishandled its slaughter which could have been worst for the people who had come there to see the slaughter of that big animal. As the animal was trying to flee from the situation, people standing there also had to run to save their lives.

The camel tried hard to run away from Dubai Hotels there but it was also got hurt by the cut so it could not run for the long time. After some time of running here and there the animal lost its breath and was caught by the butcher who then slaughtered it properly. Luckily nobody got hurt during the slaughter.

Camel Slaughter

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