Camel Sacrifice Cost Disturbance

Camel sacrifice caused disturbance when many of the lane mates gathered around the animal to see the slaughtering on the event of Eid. Some of the standbys started to capture the moment with their mobile phones since they all wanted to upload the video on the you tube website. The butcher had all the belief that he could do the sacrifice alone.

Camel got really irritated with lots of people standing around it. Due to the gathering, the animal got really angry and started to jump in the air. The butcher had already informed the people around him that the animal could harm them but nobody listened to him. The animal was then tied withe the rope by the butcher.

Butcher was so close to the big animal as it was jumping all over. He wanted to have another go at the animal with great force but what really happened, shocked everyone. It opened its huge moth and had a strangle hold on the face of the butcher. The butcher was lifted in the air for 2 to 3 meters. Other partner of the butcher was helpless as he could not get anything to hit the animal for doing such controllable act.

Camel Goes Crazy

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