Camel Offers Prayer with Kids in Desert

A baby camel offered prayer with kids in the desert. The lion of desert is usually known as its ride on hot sands of deserts. The animal was kept as a pet by Arabian man and he trained it quite well. He had been taking great care of him as most of the Arabian people love to have lion of desert. They love this animal race which is very popular in Middle East region.

The baby camel had been very friendly with owner’s kids since its birth. That Arabian man’s children had affection with the animal as well. The children used to play all the time with that pet which has started to emulate the kids in every activity they chose to do. The owner of the pet was very happy to see the same love by his kids for the animal like him.

One day the camel amazed the Arabian guy as it started to emulate his kids while they were offering prayer. The desert’s king copied the same actions which were done by the children during their prayer. That was quite interesting and funny moment for the kids and their father too. The father did not forget to capture this amazing moment.

The pet also make some pranks while copying the prayer. The video of animal offering prayer went viral in the city and many other Arabian people wanted to watch it. After watching the video everyone was really surprised by that animal. In Middle East region, the animals usually do not perform such kinds of activities.

The lion of desert got immense fame in no time and people had started to offer huge money to the owner of that animal to buy it. However, the Arabian man rejected their offers since his kids had very memorable moments with it. Though the owner was very keen of playing races on the animal yet he did not take it with him for camel racing since it was quite young.

Baby Camel Following Kids in Namaz

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