Camel in Desert Follows Kids during Prayer

A baby camel in desert surprised everyone by following the kids while they were offering prayer. It was a unique sort of incident and got the attention of many people in Middle East region. The amazing animal was owned by an Arabian man who was very fond of it as in the region of Arab this pet is very popular for the races in the deserts.

In the early times camel was supposed to be the only trustworthy ride through the desert and it was used only used by people for traveling through the deserts. But the residents of Middle East region have started to use this animal in the races as well which caused gambling in this sport.

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This particular camel which surprised everyone was kept as a pet by the Arabian guy and his children also got used to playing with him. And by copying different movements of kids this animal started to follow their way of offering prayer too. That made everyone smiled at this beautiful creature of God. The Arabian guy captured these amazing moments and loved sharing it with his friends.

Some say that the lion of desert is better options than horse to be as your pets. As they can be very friendly after training and they could be source of earning specially in the region of Arab. It has also been observed that any negligence in taking care of this animal as a pet could cause trouble for the owner and other people as well.

This owner of this particular camel was very lucky to have him friendly with his kids and never had any problem while his kids played with this pet. A rare incident happened in India when this animal bit an owner’s friend who lost his life but the recent incident where the baby of lion of desert amused everyone.

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