Camel Goes Angry Near Hotel Los Angeles

Camel Goes Angry Near Hotel Los Angeles while he was trying to catch its neck for the sacrifice purpose. The act went wrong as the butcher was not a professional one that turned the lion of desert into an annoyed one and went berserk. The butcher was lucky enough to be escaped from the situation which could have been worst by the attack of big animal due to the cheap flights for resorts, apartments, honeymoon destination, beach destination and spa.

Camel near Hotel Los Angeles was tied with the rope to a tree as the butcher along with his fellow was supposed to cut it for the sacrificial purpose on the event of Eid Festival. But both the men could not handle the giant animal. Firstly it looked all well when they tied it with the tree but they both could not calm it down after the butcher used its neck.

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The giant lion of desert got annoyed and started to spin around the tree in order to get him released from their hands. Both the men and his fellow butcher also started to spin around in order to save themselves as they knew the animal could harm them. Suddenly it attacked butcher’s head in his mouth and lifted it like a small thing and suddenly threw him away on the floor.

The Camel of Hotel Los Angeles was not relaxed even then after throwing the butcher down. The incident took few seconds of grabbing the butcher with its mouth but the man who was thrown on the ground was shocked and felt blessed to get a new life. He was hurt badly on his neck by getting scratches from the mouth of the lion of desert behind resorts, apartments, honeymoon destination, beach destination and spa due to the cheap flights.

The giant camel behind Hotel Los Angeles was still not comfortable. He was all set to get himself released from the other man too who was still holding the rope tied around its neck. Due to the cut of butcher’s tool it could not stand on its feet for a long time and then was handled properly by both the men. The butcher had also stood up and did the rest of the sacrificial procedure.

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