Camel Collides with Car

A huge camel happened to get smashed by a car on the roadside when it popped up in front of the car. The driver and other passengers could not believe the appearance of that animal of the wildlife as it was not less than a shock to themselves. The driver tried his hard to save the animal of the wildlife but he could not do so and ended up hitting it badly.

Camel that never looked that strongly built but managed to get up on its feet. The accident of an animal and the car was the most breaking news for all the news channels and the news papers. The video of the incident also was recorded by one of the passerby. For the moment the big animal fell on the front part of the car and could not get up as it was hit quite hard.

The wildlife department also got to know about such incident when somebody on the road called them up and told them about the incident of an animal hitting the small car. Although the car was not speeding at a quite high speed yet the driver of the car could not handle the situation as the animal happened to come in their way quite sharply.

The camel ran out from the area of the wildlife where all the others animals were also kept for the safety purpose of those animals. Although all the barriers were placed near the road but it managed to break it to come on the road. Many people escaped themselves as they were going on the road on their feet. Some of them were recording the video of that incident.

The camel was tough enough as it managed to recover from the sudden jolt of the car. Everyone including the driver of that car thought it to no more but after sometimes the huge animal started to move which was motion less since the incident.

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