Calling of Azan by Kashmiris Amaze People

Calling of Azan by the Kashmiris amazed people all over the world when they kept on calling it before the prayer despite of Indian martyred as many as twenty two people who were protesting for their rights. Kashmir had become tug of war between the countries of Pakistan and Indian. This territory was sold by the British people to the Indians just for five hundred thousand pounds in 1846.

Kashmiris kept on calling Azan despite of being martyred by the Indians. In that incident it has been reported that twenty two people from Kashmir took part and did not stop praying when they were protesting for their rights. Since then that day has been known as the day of Martyrs on 13th July 1931. The Muslims of Kashmir have given so many sacrifices for their home land.

Their movement of freedom has been still active after all the years. They all have the same courage and bravery that was possessed by the martyrs of Kashmir. Many incidents have been reported in the United Nation and many resolutions have been passed but no justice has been given to the innocent people of that occupied land.

The documentary of calling Azan and Martyrs of that incident went viral on the social media and on the electronic media as well all over the world. The most shocking news for the innocent people was that their struggle still has not been rewarded and the Indian Government despite of doing these acts denied the fact of martyring people in that occupied territory.

Martyrs of Azan incidents have not been forgotten by any of the Kashmiris as they have been the real heroes of the struggle who gave away their lives to fight for their rights. Pakistan has been supporting their struggle by taking the issue to United Nation many times.

Calling of Azan by Kashmiris Amaze People

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