Butcher Thrown by Angry Camel

An angry camel threw a butcher away using his mouth when he tried to cut its neck for the sacrificial purpose. Although the butcher assured the owner of that animal of him being a professional one yet he could not handle its neck cutting procedure. On the other side he felt quite lucky to get a new life since he was lifted up from the ground by the animal with its mouth.

Camel is not a common animal for the sacrificial purpose on the event of Eid festival celebrated by the Muslims due to its high cost. People who have enough resources could have this big animal sacrificed for the sake of Allah. Others who cannot afford it usually go for the small animals likes of male goats and the cows which cost them less money.

This animal is also called the lion of desert since it has been used mostly in the desert for taking luggage to different areas of desert. Another particular characteristic of this animal is that now it is being used mostly for the races played in the Middle East. The Arabs use this animal as a pet and take great care of it so that it could get ready for the races and they all could bet on it.

Camels used by Arabs are quite expansive as these are specially prepared for the races. Some of the Arabs from the Middle East have this animal as a pet. A same sort pet animal was seen copying the kids while they were offering prayer. People had gathered from different cities to see that small animal. But this particular animal never looked to be an animal which could have been kept as a pet.

Annoyed camel could disturb the butcher and his fellow for only few minutes as it had already had a big cut on its neck. After some moments, the butcher who was thrown by its mouth was up again to have another go on its neck. That turned out to be the final cut and its sacrifice was done and completed. The video of the incident was captured by the people who had gathered there to watch its sacrifice.


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