Butcher Sacrifice of Heaviest Cow

Butcher did the sacrifice of the heaviest cow of the history that weight almost above 2k KG. The sacrifice of the cow was done with the help of lots of people as it was angry. All the people living there came out of their homes and stood on the balcony to watch the sacrifice. The video was also made by the man who himself was standing there.

Butcher was hired by the owner of the cow that worth over 2k Kg. Everybody of that lane went on their roofs and gathered on the road to watch the sacrifice since it was supposed to be the heaviest animal of the country. The cow was tied from both legs and from the horns with the window and drainage pipe. Since it had lots of power so it broke the rope.

The cow gave its full power to escape from the situation. Man who was standing there wanted to record the video of the incident and the whole incident was captured in his phone. Later that man shared the video on the internet and many people were able to watch the sacrifice of the heaviest cow of the season. It was known to be the dangerous sacrifice.

Heaviest Cow Sacrifice

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