Butcher mishandles Slaughtering of Camel

A Camel was mishandled by a butcher when he tried to slaughter it on the road on the event of famous day of celebration of Muslims. All the Muslims all over the over the world sacrifice their beloved animals and the ones they buy from the market for the religious purpose. Most commonly animals are used by the Muslims for this purpose are goats.

As Camel has been an expansive animal in the subcontinent for the slaughter purpose on the event of Muslims’ Eid festival. People who are capable of spending money for the sake of reward, they go for the sacrifice of this animal. On the other side, people with fewer resources buy male goats. Along with the high prices of these animals, the butchers also charge very much.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=367

The goats have been butchered mostly at homes by the home mates of the house as it has been easy to slaughter a small animal on this festival. But as far as bigger animals are concerned they cannot be slaughtered without a professional butcher. The professional one charge very high as they know their demand is on the higher side too.

A butcher mishandled Camel slaughtering that made the big animal to go violent on the road. Some butchers pretended to be the professional one but their professionalism went wrong when they mishandled the slaughtering. The big animal went violent on the road despite of having lots of cuts on its neck. It continued to run like a cornered tiger.

The camel rushed on the roads while the butcher and his helpers kept on stalking it. Lots of people gathered to see the big animal. It has been the favorite moment for the kids as well since they enjoy watching animals going down and being slaughtered. The video was captured by a bystander when he got to know that the animal was on the roads.

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