Butcher Mishandles Camel Near Dubai Hotels

Butcher Mishandles Camel Near Dubai Hotels on the event of Eid festival but it slaughter was mishandled by the non professional butcher. The slaughtering process was going on the streets near Resorts, Apartments, Spa, Beach Destination, Tourist Destination and Cheap Flights as many people also wanted to see the sacrifice of that big animal. This animal has been expansive to buy for the sacrificial purpose so people did not want to miss its sacrifice.

The camel was not tied in Dubai Hotels properly with the rope and the non professional butchers started to cut its neck. They mishandled it that was tied near Resorts, Apartments, Spa, Beach Destination, Tourist Destination while used cheap Flights and the animal got annoyed as it started to run in different directions to escape and run away. Many people had gathered there on the streets so everyone had to run also to save their lives. They all were shouting at butcher to catch the annoyed camel.

Some of the young boys had mobile phones with them so that they could record the moment of slaughtering of the big animal. The video went viral on the social media as young boys loved to see the sacrifice of this animal. The slaughtering of that big animal required someone who had experience in that field

The camel was quite big in physique in Dubai and due to its body the butcher could not tie it up and mishandled its sacrifice. As its slaughter was mishandled, the big animal went mad and ran towards every corner of the street which was fully crowded with the young and old viewers. They all started to run from there to save themselves from the annoyed animal.

The big camel near Dubai Hotels had a cut on its neck when the butcher tried to slaughter it so the animal could not run for a long time and had to take give it up. In the mean time many other companions of butcher came near resorts, apartments, beach destination, tourist destination and cheap flights were also after the animal to catch it. They managed to catch it and all the people standing there to see the sacrifice took a sigh of relief. The slaughter was done properly then by the same butcher.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=736


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