Butcher Gets Difficulty in Sacrifice

Butcher got difficulty in sacrifice when the heaviest cow was tied. The people were really anxious to watch it being Sacrificed and they came out of their rooms on their roof. The video showed that how angry was the cow and all the people had to work really hard to get the sacrifice done. The video was made with great care.

Butcher asked every one to stay behind since the cow was the heaviest one of the season. It was tied from both ends, from the front and the back end. It looked to be the strongest and it proved it while the sacrifice was done. People including kids stepped forward so that they could record the video with their mobile phones.

It has been the favorite pass time of the little kids on the event of Eid when so many cows were being slaughtered. Due to many people gathered around the cow, it looked quite difficult for everyone to stay behind. In case the cow went crazy, it could be difficult for the people to survive. The video was watched for the first time when people got got  know that it was that cow which won the record.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/eEVN6

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