Bullfighting in Spain Becomes Nightmare for Public

In Spain bullfighting became nightmare for the public on the annual festival 2015. This festival of bullfighting has been very popular in the city of Madrid where that bullfighting festival was organized. Lots of people were gathered who had come from different cities of the world. They have been gathering in these festivals for many years.

Spain was one of the popular countries in the world where this bullfighting was organized. Although citizens of that country were really keen of this sport despite of the fact that it has been very dangerous for all the people yet people did like that sport and attended the sporting event many times. Prize money has been the biggest attraction for all the people.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=927

The bulls that were used in that event were quite strongly built for that event. The animals that have been used in that event have been kept in such area without the light for many days and when these bulls were set free in that sporting event of bull fighting, they became mad and started to run here and there.

The streets of Spain have been crowded with many people without kids as it was announced before the bullfighting event that nobody should take children with them in the event as these bulls were very dangerous. The video of that bullfighting was really shocking for all the people who had watched it on the internet and in the news papers as well.

The popular city of Spain where that bullfighting competition was organized was chosen as Madrid. Other cities also had the same competition but it has been the most popular area due to the streets and gathering of people. This sport has been very dangerous for the people where many people have got terrible injuries yet people never quit coming to attend this event and win lots of prizes.

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