Brother Sister Strange Act for Canada Passport

Getting nationality of Canada and United states has been the wish of most people living elsewhere in the planet as these two countries have all the luxuries for living a life which one could wish for. It was the same desire which propelled two brothers belonged to Canada to do unethical and shameful act of marrying their real sisters for the cause of getting nationalities abroad.

Canadian nationality holders did not find it immoral to arrange fake documents and show themselves the husbands of their own real sisters. The brothers wished their sisters who were living in the city of Jhelum to be the resident of Canada as well. They themselves planned this immoral act which caused them the shame in the society for the rest of their lives.

The news was broken when the FIA officials found fake documents of lady planning to fly abroad. After the verification of her documents the officials were able to investigate the case. Upon the report of the inquiry committee, they found that the lady was married to her real brother in the documents. The purpose of this act of using unethical ways was to get the nationality in abroad.

Her two brothers were Canadian nationality holders and the first one was able to successfully get his other sister nationality. Now they were using the same procedure by getting fake documents for the other sister as well. But this time the second sister was unlucky to be caught at the airport by the FIA officials.

Canadian nationality holders had their third brother involved in this unethical act as he had all the personal relations with the corrupt staff of immigration department. The staff just for the sake of black money and their endless wishes did this cheap act. That was really shameful for the whole nation as nobody could imagine such act for living luxurious life.

Two Brother and Sisters Shameful Act

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