British Tourist Gets Caught by Dangerous Tiger

British Tourist Gets Caught by Dangerous Tiger from the cage by grabbing his arm and hurting him. It never looked like as if it was coming with this sort of action as it was playing and doing silly stuff with the tourist. The tourist happened to be trained with the animal before and had a good coordination with the animal.

Sudden attack of lion happened when the British tourist was giving interview to the news anchor of private news channel and the video of that interview was being recorded by the camera man. Before that sudden attack of the animal it never looked to be so dangerous. The dangerous animal revealed itself when it grabbed the arm of the tourist.

That incident happened in a very short time and nobody standing there expected such action from the animal. All the people there could not believe what has happened to the tourist. Although the animal was in the cage still it was able to grab and attack the arm of the tourist. During that short incident it had hurt the arm of the man badly.

The lion did not release the arm of the tourist quickly and other people had to come and rescue him from the attack of the horrible animal. After some time they were able to rescue the man from the attack of it. Nobody expected such thing from the animal that looked to be a pet animal by the way it was playing with him during the whole interview.

British Innocent looking Lion turnedĀ  out to be the horrible one and the video of the animal went viral on the social media that gave everybody a message that never go so near to any animal. It happened with the tourist unexpectedly and it sent a message to the people who had been keeping such animal at home that never ever tease any animal

Furious TigerĀ Attacks Tourist

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