British Man Gets Remedy by Hijama

Hijama therapy is getting very popular for the remedy of body aches, swelling and pain in different parts of the body caused by different injuries. A British man had been suffering from a knee injury for many days and did not get any remedy of it though he used different allopathic ways as well. In the end he just heard of an Islamic treatment which his many friends got the remedies of their body aches.

Hijama treatment is a way of suction of bad blood from the effected part of the body. So he also went to a centre in the UK to get the treatment of his injured knee which had swelling too. He explained his injury to the Doctor who recommended for a wet cupping instead of dry cupping to the injured part of the knee. He had also MRI scan of the knee which showed some damage.

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At the start of this treatment the British guy was assured that he was not going to have any side effects and he can relax his body. He prepared himself for any pain during the treatment since he had swelling on the knee as well that was troubling him. Couple of cups was applied to the surface of the skin on the knee to take out the bad blood from that part.

According to Hijama therapy the Doctor had applied some oil on to the skin before putting cups for suction. The cups then got all the information that was inside the joint. The tiny scratches were made on to the surface of the skin to take out the bad blood from the affected area right where the cups were placed. The scratches were so tiny that the British man did not feel any pain.

At the end of Hijama treatment, the bad blood was taken out by those suction cups. Due to the release of the bad blood to the outer surface of the knee skin, the swelling just disappeared instantly and the man felt very relieved.

He explained that he did not go through any pain during the treatment and the scratches on to the treated knee felt as the same feeling of shaving the beard. The man then recommended the Hijama therapy to others as well.

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