British Journalist Does Survey on Bad Place

A survey was done by the British journalist on the bad places in Lahore. A video documentary was made on such places and they interviewed a girl who has been doing such shameful acts fro quite long time. According to that woman the police men knowingly have become blind and never took notice of what ill has been done in the inside Lahore.

The survey by British Journalist included the life of that woman who has been doing this shameful act despite of that fact that she has two sons and one daughter. The journalist told in the documentary that the bad place in Lahore opened for only two hours in the night and police men never took notice of that place as they have been taking money from the women of that lane.

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The video of the documentary went viral on the social media and on electronic media as well. The purpose of the documentary was that the people who have been responsible for stopping these shameful acts should have taken notice of the video and the bad place. But no action still has been taken to stop such cases.

The survey of British Journalist revealed many things about that girl who has been involved in such cases. She told that the she has been doing this business since she got separation from her husband as she did not have any other proper way of their livelihood. The Journalist also told that many girls have been asking her to involve them in this business so that they could also earn.

The survey by the British Journalist on inside place in Lahore turned out to be eye opening fact for the officials of this city whose responsibilities have been to stop such acts to be happened in their areas. The lady involved in this business told that she has been doing this business for the sake of her children.

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