Brett Lee Sister Starts Bowling Fast

Brett Lee sister also has stepped in the cricketing world when she joined the team Australia. She has also started her career as a fast bowler like her brother. All the people living in Australia got really amazed. This could be for the first time in the history of cricket that brother and sister represented their country. Cricket board of Australia was also very excited to announce the news.

Brett Lee of Australia has been the one of the fastest bowler in their county. Another bowler who has been playing and bowling really fast was Shaun Tait. Nobody ever thought that there could be female lady in the team of Cricket of Australia but in the women team. His sister got into the team and amazed the whole world.

Every cricket lover wanted to see her bowl as quick as the fast bowler of Australia. She has same sort of bowling action and perhaps her brother had trained her too. Women cricket team of Australia has been one of the best teams in the cricket field and played really good cricket in the world cup. Sister of the fast bowler really impressed the spectators.

Brett Lee and Shoaib Akhtar really entertained everybody e whole world with their quick spells and everybody wanted them to bowl really fast. Such attraction had come in the women cricket team as well. Sister of the fast bowler of Australia men cricket team had really motivated him. Due to the family interest in the sport of cricket, she also started to become like her brother.

Pace of Brett Lee was almost equal to the world’s fastest bowler that played from Team Pakistan. His sister also watched him while his brother and Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar played in the same match.

Brett Lee Sister Surprised Cricket World

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