Brazil Parliamentarian Caught Watching Movies

MP of Brazil parliament was caught watching prohibited movies while he was attending a session in the parliament. The video of the incident was not less than a shock to the general public. Many people showed anger on the activity of the MP since he was supposed to attend the parliament to raise and solve some issue of general public.

The video of the Brazil parliamentarian rapidly got viral on social media and in the print media as well and his action was humiliated big time by all the people from all class of the nation. All the other MPs present in the parliament did not notice that moment, only couple of his friends were seen joining him in this act of watching prohibited movies.

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The incident was caught by the CCTV cameras which have been placed in all corners of the building. In the video it could be clearly seen that the MP Joao Rodrigues was using his mobile phone while he was keeping it under the table so that nobody could take a notice of that. His other colleagues who were sitting alongside him joined the party and were involved in this incident too.

Journalists of Brazil media tried to reach the MP for investigating this incident and his activity in the Parliament but reports showed that he had turned off his mobile phone and did not want to talk to any of the media group. The speaker of Brazil parliament took notice of the incident and had asked him for a justification of his bad act in the parliament.

The session of the parliament was supposed to be delayed for two days. The electronic media and print media have been showing this news as the breaking news since the incident news was broken by a private news channel. Prohibited movies have been banned to watch in the official departments.

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