Brave Palestinian Calls Azan in the Battlefield

Calling of Azan means calling to the prayers in Islam. Muslims have had holy wars for the sake of Islam in the past. There was a weird incident happened when a brave Palestinian was calling it in the battlefield. However there have been doubts about the place of the incident whether it was in city or outside it. Performing this duty of Muslim prayer in the middle of clashes showed the true commitment of Muslims.

During Azan, the clashes were going on between the Palestinians and Israel in the middle of battlefield. Though the place where all the brave Palestinian was standing wasn’t the safest. But they had strong faith on Almighty God, they do not miss the chance to stand in front of Him and pray for the victory of Muslims. So one of them stood up and performed this duty.

One of the Palestinians was calling performing this duty for the prayer the other fellows remained alert. That was the most amazing clip of prayer which was called by any person in the world. Throughout the calling, the sounds of battles were heard from the enemies. However he kept on calling since they all knew they could not afford to miss their prayer whatever may be the reason was.

In the era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims had so many fights with the non-Muslims. Even then none of the Muslim was asked to miss the prayer. Some of them were asked to fight and the rest were asked to say their prayers. Since there was not such a medium which could memorize the event so we could not watch those moments.

As of now it’s the era of social media and modern techniques have made it quite easy. That calling of Azan in the battlefield was captured and went viral on the social media. This was the true message which brave Palestinians delivered to the rest of the Muslims that no one forgot to offer their prayers even in the difficult situation in the battlefields.

Brave Palestinian Showing Great Bravery

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