Brave Guy Gets Attacked by Real Shark

A guy was attacked by Real Shark when it was trying to play with it and wanted to give it the animal feed near the bank of the sea. There were other tourists also standing there to witness such a deadly attack on the man by the fish. Although that sea animal was not that big still it managed to have a strong grip on man’s hand.

The Real shark made a sudden attack while it was being give the animal feed by that man. But the man never wanted to tease that sea animal. There were many other big fishes in the sea as well but only this fish got annoyed by the activity of the guy. The poor guy although was very strong but still it took quite a time to get his arm rescued from the grip of the mouth of the fish.

The video of the incident was being made one of the friends of the poor guy who was attacked by that real deadly fish. It went viral on social media as well in no time. This sort of incident never happened earlier at that bank of the sea that was specially built for feeding the animal feed. This time a man tried to play with the fish.

The only shark that got annoyed by the activity of that man, who tried to play and feed it, looked alright until it suddenly attacked him. There have been many incidents on the spot when small children and girls sat and tried to play with the fishes in the animal but this sort of attack never happened in the past as well.

The shark kept a strangle hold on the hand of that brave guy who never got panicked and he kept on trying to make an effort to release his hand. The man’s friends who were also present there at the sea and watching that guy feeding animal feed, also came up to help him so that the guy’s hand could be release from the mouth and big teeth of the fish. After sometime their efforts got succeeded despite of the fact that he had scars on his hands.

Real Shark Attack Man

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