Boy Snatches Purse from Girl in Elevator

Elevators are not always safer places as a young boy snatched purse from a girl in elevator of famous Malaysian hotel. He never let the girl any of his intentions the moment he entered the life. It was supposed to be safe place because that particular hotel was very famous and was known as the one of the five star hotels.

When the boy entered the elevator, a beautiful young lady with her purse was already present there and no one else came in the lift. That provided snatcher the chance to do what he planned to do. The girl did not have any idea what was going to happen with her in the next couple of minutes. She did not take any notice of who was accompanying her in the lift.

The snatcher might have not planned it before he came to the Malaysian hotel perhaps he was used to that sort of opportunities. The moment the man entered the lift a girl was alone there. So he stepped in and pressed the button to go to the upper floor. The time when the young lady was about to get out of the lift to the floor she intended.

The young female got a push from behind by the boy who was still in the elevator. Her hand purse which she hanged around her shoulder was snatched by the man in the lift. After snatching the bag, man closed lift’s door so she could not have any chance to come back in there. He succeeded in snatching the purse.

It just took not more than five minutes for this snatching incident to happen. The girl had lost her purse which had some cash money and some important documents. That was probably the shameful act ever happened in a famous Malaysian hotel where a man was able to snatch the purse from a young girl in the elevator.

Boy Treating Girl Badly in Elevator

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