Bowler Runs Out by Nose

Bowler Runs Out by Nose. Batsman surprised Mitchell Star by blocking the throw when he was out of his crease. England batsman was batting well but could not got back in time before blocking the ball. Ball was thrown by the bowler to run out the batsman of England. Instead of going back to his crease, he stopped the ball with his hand and was given out obstructing the field.

Mitchell Starc was the bowler when the batsman of England did something very strange. Spectators sitting in the stadium also got surprised by the reaction of the batsman who was given out by umpire. Umpire gave him out for obstructing the field. Dale Steyn was another bowler who appealed to the umpire for obstructing the field when the batsman got in the way of wicket

Dale Steyn could not get batsman out through his bowling but he got him out for obstructing the field due to the appeal. The umpire did not have any other option other than giving him out since there was a clear law stating him to be out. Umpire has been very active during those two incidents and bowlers got the decision in their favor.

Mitchell Starc was lucky as he got the decision from the umpire through the rare obstructing the field wicket. He was quite sure of the law and did not regret appealing for the wicket of the England batsman. The umpire asked for the consultation with the third umpire who supported him in that decision. Australian bowler was happy to see the decision of the umpire in his favor.

Mitchell Starc might have known the law of obstructing the field. People sitting in the stadium said that it was quite harsh with the batsman as he was not beaten by bowler. Dale Steyn also got the same kind of decision in his favor.

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