Biased Hindus Tease Indian Muslim

Few biased Hindus teased an Indian Muslim for buying a cow for sacrifice it on the eve of Eid-ul- Azha. The poor Muslim was not only teased for buying the cow, he was forced to speak the slogans of Hindus. That man was also assaulted for converting his religion to Hinduism. The incident exposed that Muslims have been living miserably in so called secular India.

Indian officials claim that their state is unbiased for other religions but it is not true by any mean. The extreme Hindus have proved Indian state to be a biased country. The punishment of an Indian Muslim who bought a cow for the sacrifice exposed the reality of so called secular India. The poor man did not know that buying a cow could be dangerous for him and he had to face the cruelty of biased Hindus on the way back to his home.

Since Hindus have been considered cow a sacred animal for their religious faith and worshiping purposes. Therefore, they have never let Muslims to sacrifice cows to celebrate Muslims religious events especially in city of Gujrat. Buying a cow turned out as severe offense for the poor Muslim man and the biased Hindus snatched the cow from him and physically teased him as well.

It was found that few biased Hindus followed him and caught him once he bought the cow to celebrate the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. They took him towards a pillar erected into the ground and tied his body with the ropes to that pillar. Then they started to tease him physically and investigated why he bought the animal. Though the Indian Muslim guy explained the reason to them but they did not believe him.

Despite of taking the cow back from the poor man, the biased Hindus kept on teasing him and forced him to speak Hindu slogans. The Indian Muslim was alone at that time and had no other option but to act upon accordingly. He was asked to change his religion to Hinduism which exposed the real face of so called secular India.

Biased Hindus Teasing Indian Muslim

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