Bermuda Triangle Shocks Everyone

Bermuda triangle socked everyone with its history. A short documentary was made to make people know about this mysterious place that had different stories associated with it. It is the place deep in the sea near Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. This place is known as the most mysterious place on this planet where nobody could go and come back alive.

Bermuda triangle was invented way back in 1850 when some of the ships entered in that region in the deep sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Those ships disappeared and never came back. Later it was found that the scrap of those ships was found far away from that part of the sea and no one found alive. Moreover the ships and aero planes that went to search out the missing ones also got disappeared.

It has also been said that this mysterious place is also linked to the notorious Satan Dajjal. The mystery however still has not been resolved yet. The different signs from the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) showed same kind of place where that Satan has been kept with shackles in his feet. It has been said that because of the missing of so many ships and aero planes, this place is said to be the residence of Dajjal.

Bermuda Triangle has been named by different researchers after many ships and aero planes with people went missing in that part of the sea. So scientists named it and also explained the reason for naming this part. They observed that in that particular area of the sea in the Atlantic Ocean near Florida, there was supposed to be some force of gravity which captured all the things that entered in that part.

An incident of Bermuda Triangle of a pilot was told in this short video documentary. It has been told that some of the planes entered that region of the mysterious place but then they had disconnection with the aviation department. Another aero plan was sent to search out the missing ones. The pilot of that plane told the navigation department that it could not see any direction due to the visibility and then it also went missing after he was disconnected with the navigation department.

Bermuda Triangle’s Shocking History

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