Last Breath of Benazir Bhutto stuns Everyone

Last breathes from Benazir Bhutto in the operation theater stunned everyone including the workers of the political party of the late former Prime minister. The visuals got leaked from the investigation agency which was probing the case along with the foreign investigation agency. The politics of Pakistan changed simultaneously after her assassination.

Benazir Bhutto, who was the top leader of the country and had played major role in the politics of Pakistan, was stopped by the security agencies for not holding any political rallies or meetings. Despite of threats to the politician’s life, she went out in her followers as she always loved to be the part of the workers of her political party.

The politics of Pakistan had always been playing crucial rule in the development of the country as it had many marshal laws since it came into being. Her father was another famous Former prime minister who also had great following in his politics. The late female politician like her father also got fame in the politics.

Benazir Bhutto’s car was in the middle of a huge meeting in Rawalpindi when she suddenly came out of the top of her car. Although she was asked not go out of the bullet proof car, she stood and started to wave to her followers. The politician had great love for her workers and followers. The same time when she was waving to her followers, someone opened fire at her head and she fell down.

Benazir Bhutto was taken for the immediate help in the nearest operation theater. Her close friends and relatives along with the major political workers of her political party followed her to the hospital. The female politician could not survive which changed the politics of Pakistan. The video clip leaked of the time when she was taking her last breaths.

Benazir Bhutto Last Moments

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