Batsman Gets Run Out by Nose of Bowler

Batsman Gets Run Out by Nose of Bowler. Mitchell Starc got surprised by the weird act by the batsman when he tried to throw back the stumps after getting hitting straight to him. The ball went straight into his hands while the batsman of England was out of his crease so he tried to run him out. The batsman instead of going back to his crease, blocked the ball with his hand. Mitchell was amazed and said he could have been given out. The umpire was convinced and he was given out for obstructing the field.

Mitchel Starc was the key bowler of Australia cricket team who bowled brilliantly against England cricket team. Batsman of England cricket team came down the track to distract the line of the great fast bowler of Australia. The batsman of England did not pick the line of the ball since it was a full toss ball. The batsman was not in a position to play it with the bat so he tried to block it with his hand.

That batsman was given out by the umpire. Umpire gave him out due to obstructing the field. Bowler appealed to the umpire despite of the fact that he did not bowl out to the batsman of England. That was the surprising thing that happened in that match.

Mitchel Starc was not the first bowler who asked the umpire to give the batman out. Dale Steyn was also another bowler who appealed to the umpire for obstructing the batsman. Dale Steyn was the bowler when a direct throw came from the fielder but the batsman got in the way. The batsman survived as the ball did not hit the stumps but Dale Steyn appealed to the umpire.

Like Mitchell Starc appealed for the out, Dale Steyn also got succeeded in getting the wicket against the batsman who was also given out by the umpire for the same reason. He was given out for obstructing the field.

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