Bangladesh Marriage Gets Viral

Bangladesh village marriage got viral on the social media when young boy and girl were seen hanging on the tree. They both got bad treatment by the villagers for liking each other. It was said that the young boy and girl wanted to marry each other but nobody from the village wanted them to marry. Villagers of that village then decided to penalize them for their act.

Bangladesh village people gathered in the fields where the young man and the young girl were hanging from the tree. Everybody was busy in taking pictures and making videos of the couple who were no more alive. Their only mistake was to marry with their own will. Their will was not liked by the people of that village. Their family members sent a message to the other people so that nobody could do that thing again.

The video of that incident was shared on the social media when some of the young boys made the video from their camera. Many ladies were also standing there and they all felt for the couple. The young boy and girl decided to marry with each other but their family members were against them.

Bangladesh Village Marriage

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