Bad Act of Brazil MP Shocks General Public

Bad act of Brazil MP shocked general public when his shameful video came to the media. He was seen watching some prohibited movies on his cell phone while he was present in the session of the parliament called by the speaker of the house. The incident was humiliating one for the general public as the people were really angry on his act.

The media of Brazil also has been criticizing his bad act of watching prohibited movies in the parliament. Some private channels had broken this news of MP Joao Rodrigues while he was attending the parliament session. He was caught doing such bad act courtesy the CCTV cameras which have been fixed in the building for the security reasons.

He was not the only culprit in that incident; his other colleagues who were sitting alongside him in the parliament also joined the party. They were also seen discussing over some topic while watching the movies on the mobile phone which the MP has kept under the table to avoid being caught in the eyes of others but he never knew that he could have been caught by the CCTV cameras.

General public of Brazil has been very angry over the bad act of the MP as they all criticized the MP for not taking interest in the matters of the people and instead he was doing such activities. Such incidents have been reported in some other parts of the world too where MPs were caught by the CCTV cameras.

Opposition of Brazil parliament have taken a resolution in the parliament to avoid such activities in that building as there has been lots of pressure from the general public on all the MPs. The private channels have censored the movies which were clearly seen on the mobile phone of the MP. He was also stalked by the journalists so that they could inquire about this act of him but reports have said that his mobile phone has been switched off intentionally to avoid the criticism.

MP of Brazil Was Caught for Watching Prohibited Movies

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