Bad Act of American Soldier Exposed

American soldier got caught doing shameful act with the girls and women of Iraq. The incident got the attention of people when his friend from US army leaked his video. The incident caused lots of disturbance among the Muslim community when that leaked video reached to them courtesy social media on internet.

Video of American soldier doing immoral act with the girls and women, who belonged to Iran, was clearly seen in the short video clip which was sent by his own US army men. In that video it was clearly seen that how cruel the soldiers of US who was in fact have been hired in Iraq to bring peace in the region. Instead of making efforts for the peace they were seen doing immoral.

Video Link:

The video of that incident shocked the Muslim communities all over the world and they demanded to punish those soldiers who have been part of that act. Many people started to protest against those army men. But despite of the video proof, no action has still been taken yet against those culprits. The victims of those incidents have already complained about this act.

American Soldier has been abusing and doing bad act with the woman of Iran in the darkness of night. Other friends of his, who were also soldiers of the US army, were seen helping him out and while one of the soldiers was recording the footage of the incident with the help of camcorder. There were other soldiers who were also present there did not stop their friend from US army.

Other American soldier who leaked that video was not present at the location but he was able to get the access to the video of that cheap act. That soldier didn’t like the act of treating people specially girls and women of Iran, who have been very innocent.

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