Baby Gets Attraction of Scientists in Santa Caterina Hotel

Baby got attraction from Scientists in Santa Caterina Hotel when they came with a sculpture. The baby was part of the museum that was made by them for the tourists and kept in the holiday destination, resorts, apartments, tourist destination while on the go with cheap flights. The amazing incident happened when all the tourists came there to see the giant baby. They started to make videos and take photos. Due to the pictures and video that went viral, all the people thought it to be giant baby.

Video of Scientists making sculptures in Santa Caterina Hotel of giant baby attracted lots of people and tourist all around the globe. They came there using cheap flights through resorts, apartments, hotels, tourist destination and holiday destination to see the art work and took many photos of the giant baby. The pictures were then shared on internet made available for the whole public all over Europe and Africa. Video was watched by lots people.

Video Link :

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