Baby Elephant Gets Attacked by Fourteen Wild Lions

A baby elephant got attacked by fourteen wild and hungry lions near a sea. It was the most amazing incident happened in the wild life. The video was shot by one of the tourists who just waited for a long time to see this fight of the animal planet. The tourist were also from the wildlife channel so they latter aired that video which got viral on social media as well.  It was one of the best battles between the animals in the history of wildlife.

The baby elephant was alone and had to fight with wild animals of the animal planet. It could have been a nightmare for the baby animal. But it had all the guts to fight till the end like a lone warrior. The baby animal was having its feat near a sea with its other companions but it just lost them in the way and separated from all of them. It attacked back on the wild beasts to get rid of them.

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A group of fourteen lines wandered here and there in the forest in search of their feast as they were quite hungry for quite some time. They decided to go in a group so that they could find some victims likes of zebras and other animals of the animal planet. It took not so much time for them to suddenly find a single and baby animal. The prey increased the hunger of wild beasts and they attacked immediately.

The baby elephant did not expect such large group of enemy. At firstly it felt helpless and thought of escaping from the situation. But it just couldn’t do that since it was trapped from all around by those wild lions who did not take any longer to jump on their feast. They all jumped on the baby animal one by one. One of the hungry wild lion jumped on its back and grabbed its skin with its paws and tried to put in its teeth so it did not move any further.

The baby elephant did not lose hope and kept trying to fight with all of them. It just never let any second lion of the wildlife to attack and grab its feet. It kept rotating and terrified them. Although it looked unbelievable for a small animal to get away from these hungry wild lions but they could not just hang and grab the baby animal. In the end those fourteen hungry and wild lions got defeated in catching their single victim.

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