Baby Elephant fights lonely with fourteen Hungry Lions

A baby elephant fought lonely like a lone warrior with fourteen wild and hungry lions of the animal planet. The person who captured those moments could not believe its bravery versus that many enemies who were supposed to make him their first meal of the day. The lions did not have any of the victims caught for the day so they decided to go and search their meal in a group.

Elephants have never been seen in such a fight before where one of their members of the mammal family had to fight with so many enemies. Mostly wild lions have been found to be the winner in such circumstances where the hungry and brutal animals of the wild life had to fight with a single baby mammal.

One of the tourist making researches on the wild life went to a forest in Africa where he wanted to make some documentary on the wild life of different animals. During his visit to the forest he did not see any such incident where he saw a single animal fighting for its life and resisting till the last minute. He and his cameramen were so amazed after watching such fight.

A baby elephant went missing from its group of friends when they all were passing through near a sea. It just looked here and there to find its fellow mammals but could not find them. In a meanwhile, he just got shocked by some brutal and hungry lions coming towards it. It just tried to run as strong to escape from their eyes but could not succeed.

When fourteen lions saw elephant and that too was single, so they could not resist for a long time to attack and have the baby animal as their first meal. They all trapped him and jumped on the baby mammal as if they were hungry for many days. Wild animals of animal planet jumped on its back and stayed there but the baby mammal kept on resisting and fighting till the end until it managed to terrify the wild lions and rescue its life without the help of any other family member of the wild life.

Baby Elephant Fight with Fourteen Lions

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