Baby Born With 2 Faces Shows Miracle of Allah

Miracle of Allah has always been for the mankind so that they could know the blessings of Almighty. Another surprising thing happened in the city of Rawalpindi when a mother gave birth to a baby with two faces. That incident attracted lots of people all over the world on the social media and in the real life as well.

Allah has been kind enough to every Human life on this planet and He has been showing signs of things that the human being could not even think of doing that. Similar strange thing happened when the baby was born with two faces. The surprising thing was that everybody saw the baby eating and drinking with both the mouths.

The video was shared and reported by the news channel when they got to know that the baby with the strange human organisms. This has been told by the news channel that the mother was also worried about giving birth to such a child with two faces.

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