Awais Zia Wins for Pakistan

Awais Zia Wins for Pakistan. Fawad Alam hit three sixes in the match against Sri Lanka and won the match for Pakistan. The match was quite a thriller in a shorter format that was against Sri Lanka versus Pakistan. Pakistan needed 28 runs on just 13 balls and the match looked very interesting. He hit the six on the last ball of the 17th over. Sri Lanka team could not believe that the bowler could be hit.

Fawad Alam won a match that looked to be very difficult for Pakistan cricket team since all the set players were sitting in the pavilion. Another all rounder was in the middle order with the left hand batsman. Although he had all the experience in the world yet the bowlers of Sri Lanka did not let him play freely.

The left hand batsman of Pakistan cricket got the chance in the team after a long time and he wanted to prove something special. He was lucky enough that the bowler of Sri Lanka pitched him a lose ball and he was able to smash it. The bat of the left hand batsman was right under the ball and he gave it a big heave.

Fawad Alam hit it with all the pace that he had in his body. Commentators were praising the hit as the ball sailed over the head of the fielder at the long on boundary. All the players of Sri Lanka cricket team were really amazed at the hit that was not expected from the left hand batsman. The captain of the Sri Lanka cricket team was disappointed at the effort of the bowler on the last ball.

Fawad Alam did not hit only one six rather he got the chance to surprise the bowlers of Sri Lanka two more times. The experience bowler of Sri Lanka was hit a six in the next over and in the last over the left hand batsman also smashed a huge six.

Left Hand Batsman Wins Thriller

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