Aviation Aircraft Nearly Collides with Boat

Some surprising incidents of aviation aircraft training have happened when some new pilots learn to fly the aircrafts. An aviation aircraft with two passenger seats nearly collided with the boat where two fishermen were catching fish in middle of the sea. That incident nearly took the heart out of those fishermen; one of them was taking rest at the time of almost collision.

Both the fishermen never had the idea of how could have they avoided their boat from colliding with the aviation aircraft which had reached so close to them. The plane probably was flying just above the surface of the sea behind the boat and they were not expecting it to reach so near to them.

The plane was flying to give training to new pilots. It was a normal routine day for the two fishermen who went in the deep sea to catch the fish for their livelihood. After struggling for quite some time, one of the fishermen thought of taking a nap in the afternoon. The other fisherman was trying his luck too and did not lose heart.

He was standing his fishing rode hoping the fish to be trapped in his bait. While he was hoping for a fish to be trapped, he heard voice of aviation aircraft getting closer to their boat. Then he just looked back from where he was standing. It was not less than a shock for him to see the plane nearing so closer to them.

He started shouting his partner asking him to wake up and do something for their survival which otherwise did not look possible. They tried everything came to their mind that could save the boat from collision with the aircraft during aviation training.

They felt quite lucky when the pilot just managed to keep it above from that low distance above the surface of sea. The plane just took off from that low position and went up just before their heads. However both fishermen downed into the water of ocean and it happened due to the impact of the plane.

Aircraft Escaping from Collision with Boat

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