Aviation Aircraft Misses Collision with Boat

New pilots tend to go through different aviation aircraft training before they fly their first flight. An aircraft just missed a collision with the boat while flying over surface of sea. The pilot and the trainer lowered their position as a part of their routine aviation training. They were in a shock when they realized that they were going to collide with a boat having two fishermen in it.

During aviation training the aircraft’s position went that much low above the surface of the sea that it took some time to lift up just before it actually passed above the heads of the fishermen. The fishermen also did not have any idea of what was happening and could not do much to avoid any mishap which could have lost their lives.

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They felt quite lucky as the pilot of that aircraft managed to lift their aircraft’s position just in time. Though the training of the pilot was supposed to be quite tough and the trainer must have felt quite satisfied after the young pilot succeeded in saving the aircraft and their lives.

It did not seem to be a fault of the fishermen since they did not know that such sorts of aviation training were supposed to be held in that part of the sea. No other such intimation was given to the fishermen who were present in the middle of the sea for catching their fishes. They were present in the middle of the sea.

One fisherman heard the sound of the aircraft just before it got very close to their boats. When one of the men saw this aircraft, he tried to wake his friend up from taking a nap who just got tired from being unsuccessful. Both of them tried hard to gear up the motor to turn away from the aircraft which was on their routine aviation training for their new pilots.

The fishermen could not succeed in starting the motor boat. In fact they were lucky escape the collision with aircraft which suddenly took off before it reached the boat. It could have been horrible aviation training failure had the pilot not lifted the plane just in time. Though the fishermen had lucky escape but both drowned into the sea.

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