Army Does Poor Act Of Women Rights

Women rights In Palestine the Israeli army continued to torture the innocent Palestinian children and recent video really showed the cruelty that has been happening to them. The United Nation Organization despite of knowing all the facts about this behavior of the Israeli army has been unable to get them the human rights they fully deserved as human beings.

Torture on women rights in Palestine was clearly showed by the video that was recorded by one of the Israeli army officers. Although the Palestinian people including the poor women and children have been suffering really badly in their own territory yet they never accepted to give up their struggle for the human rights. Muslims all over the world got really pity on the poor Palestinian children.

They had thrown many Palestinian children in a wide hole and started to bury them alive by filling up that hole with the Palestinian children in it. All the Palestinian children were hiding their eyes as the dust was going into their eyes and some of them looked lifeless and motion less due to the mud that was put on them.

Women rights organization and United Nation organization has been the puppet of United States of America and Israel as they could not force the Israeli army to stop the cruel acts on the Palestinian children. There have been many evidences that were shown to the public and also given to the United Nation Organization but no solid step has been taken yet to rescue the Palestinian children from the cruel attitude of the Israeli army.

People of Palestine without women rights have not given up their struggle for the human rights since they have been blessed with the true courage and bravery from the Almighty. Little Innocent Palestinian children were helpless when they were getting buried by the Israeli army and they could not fight with them. The video was shared and highlighted by many people on the social media but the United Nation Organization has been keeping their eyes closed.

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