Arabs Sell And Drink Camel Pee

Arabs were seen selling and drinking camel urine when the video was capture by one of the tourists who had gone to visit Middle East. The tourist recorded the video of that stall where camel urine was sold in the bottles and he asked the confirmed it from the shopkeeper. The video was quite shocking for the Muslims all over the world but they said that it was not less than propaganda against Islam.

Video of Arabs drinking camel pee was also shown in the video where a man was drinking giant animal’s urine live. The authenticity of the video and the news has yet to be confirmed by any of the official spokes person from Middle East country. Some of the people had denied such video and they said that it could never be possible as it has been banned by Islam.

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Camel urine was one of the things which has been considered as prohibited stuff by Islam and the video that showed an alleged man drinking it, was something to destroy the image of the religion of Islam. This was the most pathetic video that was shared on the internet to sabotage the values of Islam. Muslims have gone quite angry after such propaganda against Islam.

Arabs have been seen doing immoral stuff in the Middle East in the videos on the social media but the recent video of those people drinking and selling camel pee was quite irritating. Many officials of Middle East and other Muslim countries all over world denied and rejected the video by calling it a fake video since they have been having many doubts.

Those Arabs who have been selling and drinking Camel urine were not recognized by the residents of Middle East etc since they thought that it has been many years since some groups on earth have been trying to give bad image of the religion Islam and they had personally edited the video.

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