Arab Man Disrespecting Ladies on Road

Bad act with animal was seen by a boy when he uploaded his pictures on the social media after hunting them. That strange incident of hunting rare kind of deer of wildlife really shocked the people. The news of this incident was reported by the private news channel and they reported that boy who uploaded some pictures of the deer which was banned in the country due to the rare form.

Animal of this type of deer has been in rare form all over the world. That was the reason behind the ban of the hunting of this type of deer. The officials of the wildlife department had assured the media group that they have decided to take action against that guy and they have been in the pursue of the car by its plate number which was visible in the pictures uploaded on social media.

The news of this incident was known to everybody due to the social media. The guy was very keen of hunting and he never knew about the action being taken against him by the officials of the wildlife department. There have been laws in other countries too to avoid the hunting of precious deer whose type has been so rare.

This animal has been planned to keep save as it has been found very rare all over the world. Some people have been very keen of doing such activities but for this purpose they needed to take permission from the wildlife department. That boy did not take any permission and used social media to upload pictures.

Survival of that animal was very important by the officials and they have been telling everyone on the social media as well. They boy did not know that the use of social media could get into trouble as he wanted to tell his friends about his achievement but he never knew that the social media could be devastating for him.

Arab Man

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