Appearance of Angel Like Creature in Mosque Surprises People

A strange incident in Mosque happened when the footage of the camera showed an angel like creature during the speech of the Imam while all the Muslim people sitting were busy listening to him. The video of that creature was viewed afterwards by all the people present there as they could not believe it and surprised by that appearance.

The mosque was fully crowded by the Muslim people belonged to all the countries of Islam. That incident was happened on the occasion of the Juma prayer. That famous Masjid Nabwi has been very popular among the Muslim people all over the world and everyone wanted to offer their prayer there. That incident also took place on the day of Friday.

That video was one of the strangest videos ever seen by people and who ever viewed it, was really surprised and amazed. Lots of people, who did not belong to Islam, had the chance to view it and they could not believe the appearance of that angel like human that was captured by one of the cameramen present there in the holy place of Islam.

The mosque had all the corners filled with people who were busy listening to the verses of holy book of Islam and the incidents that happened early in the Islam. Different cameras were fixed to the different parts of that holy place so that every corner was safe for the betterment of their security purpose. The back end room, where the cameras were linked to the computer had couple of men.

Beautiful mosque was perfectly built to have the capacity of so many Muslim people as it was the most holy country of Islam. Muslim people from all over the world had come there to perform their Hajj and offer their prayers in that holy place where the angel like creature appeared during the speech of Imam on historic events of Islam in the early days.

Angel Like Creature Appears in Mosque

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