Another Taj Mehal Explored by Social Media

Another Taj Mehal got explored when the story of an old Muslim man living in India came up on the social media. The video of the story of his life brought tears to the eyes of so many people who had watched that video.

The Taj Mehal that was shown in that video was built by himself in remembrance of his wife who got died due to the cancer. Her only grievance in her life was that there might not be anybody present who could remember them since they did not have any child. The old Muslim man told that he told her wife that he would build a grave of her in front of their house.

The old Muslim man loved his wife quite a lot and has been missing her badly. He talked about all the good day starting from marriage to cooking and enjoying the good moments of their lives. The old Muslim man said that his only regret was that he was not able to understand the last words of his wife as she could not speak or explain due to the cancer in her throat.

The beautiful Taj Mehal was built by himself alone and the old Muslim man said that he spent all the money earned by himself on her funeral and the formation of the grave of his wife. The old Muslim man showed his wife’s grave and also showed that empty grave alongside his wife’s grave has been left vacant for himself so that people could bury him alongside his wife’s grave.

The building of Taj Mehal was built by the old Muslim man himself and he explained that the grave of his wife was covered with the cloth. He also explained that the depth of the building was ten feet low and height was fifteen feet. The story of the old Muslim man made many people cry as he has been living alone in remembrance of his wife.

Another Taj Mehal Gets Explored

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