Another Boom Boom Appears in Domestic Cricket

Another Boom Boom Afridi was found in the domestic cricket when he scored 114 runs on just 48 balls. Bilal Asif turned out to be another all rounder who surprised the whole world with his amazing talent. He had hit sixes and boundaries in the domestic cricket cup when playing against the tough bowling attack of Peshawar.

Boom Boom Bilal Asif appeared on the scene of national media when he scored Shahid Afridi type of innings in the domestic tournament. He just took only forty eight balls to reach a mammoth total of 114 runs. All his team mates appreciated his effort for playing such a marvelous innings. The bowling side was smashed by him and he did not spare any bowler.

Shahid Afridi on the other side also watched that innings and he was really happy for the young talent on the bench. He said that such players should be taken care by the Pakistan cricket board. Shahid Afridi was the big example for Bilal Asif to go for that huge century in the shorter format. During his innings, he hit many boundaries and sixes.

Boom Boom like player was also liked by the crowd that had come. Small kids were really enjoying as they loved watching Shahid Afridi. Bilal Asif showed his talent in the domestic tournament but the crowd wanted to see him in the national side. Bilal Asif continued to perform well in the domestic matches and was pretty hopeful for a future come back.

New Boom Boom has yet to show his talent with the bat at the national level. He was pretty hopeful that he would get a chance to perform well with the bat as well. His bowling has been the main weapon for him in the international level. Bilal Asif was quite happy for getting cleared his bowling action.

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