Animal Rights Get Humiliated in Desert

Animal rights got humiliated by the man in the desert when he tied up a goat with his car and dragged it through the whole desert. This was not the only bad act he did with the goat; the kid of the goat was also running after its mother that probably was died. This shameful act in the desert shocked the people whole over the world.

Humiliation of animal rights was on top as nobody has seen such video of a human being doing some cheap act with the goat and its kid. There have been many videos on the internet that were recorded in the desert but the recent video of the goat being dragged in the desert using the car by a human being really abused the humanity.

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Many of the people wanted to do the same act with the man who did it with the goat and its kid in the desert. Nobody could understand the reason of that immoral act with the animals. The organizations with have been organizing event to raise awareness in the humans about the animals have criticized that incident and asked from the authorities for the proper investigations.

Animal rights were the main objectives of those organizations since they believed that the animals have the same rights on this planet and nobody should have taken their rights from them. The video was shocking to everybody on this planet who considered animals to be the same creature of Allah and that action of disgracing the body of the goat in front of its kid was really cheap one.

Violation of animal rights could not should have been banned everywhere according to the some organizations which have passed the resolution of saving the equal rights of the animals on this planet. That man looked to be helped by a partner in the desert who was making video of the bad act with the animals.

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