Animal Rights Concepts Need to be Reconsidered

Animal rights have been considered to be very important in foreign countries likes of United Kingdom, United States of America and other countries of Europe. Animals have been given quite a lot importance and have been treated with great care in the countries like those of developed ones.

But the concepts about animal rights need to be changed as many incidents have been seen and captured in the videos when these pet animals’ likes of pit bulls and lions had hurt their own owners. This compiled documentary of different videos of attack by the pet animals consists of different videos in which many pit bulls and other class of dogs have been seen attacking their owners.

In this video documentary it has been shown that a pit bull which is the breed of mixture of bull dogs and other class of dog family attacked her own owner. The lady took it with her for a morning walk when it just lashed on to her clothes and tried to tear them. She was rescued by the people who had come there for jogging purpose.

Animal rights’ bill needs to be amended after watching these many video clips. Another video came up on the scene of such a pet animal when a bear attacked its own trainer but luckily he was also escaped by the people standing there along with him. These animals need to be shackled around their necks since they could attack anybody. Pit bulls are the fine examples of such animals. These dogs have been nurtured to fight with their own class of dogs.

Animal rights despite of their importance need to be reconsidered. Such animals likes of bull dogs and pit bulls should not be let free on the roads rather these should be limited to there are of stay in the backyard.

Bull Dogs Attacks Put Behind Animal Rights

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