Animal Like Woman Surprises People

Animal Like Woman Surprises People. Bike stunts are very popular in Pakistani young bike riders but you may not have seen rikshaw stunts. Motorbikes are seen in high numbers on the streets of Pakistan. Pakistan may well be the one of the countries alongside India where motorcycles are used in high numbers, as these are quite affordable vehicle as compared to the cars.

Under traffics’ rules for bike riders, these cannot be used by the persons below 18 since it needs lot of protection to ride bikes. In most developed countries as far as bikers are concerned, certain protections need to be taken before taking your bike on the roads otherwise one would be fined under traffic rules. But to my mind, most traffic rules are being violated in Pakistan and especially by the bike riders.

And most of young boys are part of this category of people who violate motorcycle rules. They usually like to show stunts on bikes by riding their bikes on one wheel by which they could easily get hurt. There are lots of incidents in which young boys have lost their lives just to have fun and show stunts on the bikes.

This is due to the negligence of the parents who buy their kids motorbikes despite of the fact that they underage to ride bike on the roads but still they feel proud as their children can ride bikes in such a young age. These bike stunts are well known among young boys but you have never seen motorcycle rikshaw stunts in your life.

We have a video of a boy who is showing stunts to his friends on his rikshaw having his friends sitting on the back seats of the rikshaw. You can see that while showing stunts on his rikshaw his all friends fell off the rikshaw and got them hurt. It is advised to viewers to kindly stop this kinds of stunts whenever u come across such bike riders or rikshaw riders.

Animal Like Woman

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