Animal Fights with Soldier

Animal of desert fought with the soldier in the field and shocked his friends too. Female camel was owned by a villager who was taking it to the fields so that it could find something to eat. Camel was very much attached with the owner but it never showed any signs of being nice to the other persons. Mostly this female camel was used by the Arabs in the Middle East for the purpose of betting.

This animal of the animal planet has been considered the lion of the desert due to its usage there. It is used for shifting the luggage through the deserts as no other vehicle could be used in the deserts. While this class of wildlife can be used with less risk as it can stay alive without water for many days. It is also known as an amazing source of transportation.

Camels have been used in the wars as well and these have been also used in the camel races as well. The reason for using camels in the fields of war by the military is due to its adaptability in the desert. It can survive in the waterless area for long time. Ages ago camels were used in the desert by the military; this was used by the Arabs too.

Same animal fought and kicked a soldier in the field when he tried to touch its back by affection.  The camel was not used to getting this kind of affection from someone else other than the owner. The owner was very much familiar to that camel but when the soldier tried to touch and show affection the same way, it got angry and kicked the soldier with its leg.

Animal kicked the soldier hard in the belly with its leg. The video of the incident was captured by the companions of the soldier who could not just stopped laughing after watching the incident. It went viral on social media and other internet websites as well.

Giant Animal fought with Soldier

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