Angel Like Creature Shock People in Corinthia Hotel London

Angel Like Creature Shock People in Corinthia Hotel London when an alien type species fell from the sky and onlookers gathered around it. It had angle like wings on the arms and that body of it was taken to some place by the police officers that was unknown to everyone. The pictures of that thing were taken by the people in London who were present there.

That creature was still unknown near Corinthia Hotel London to be alive or dead and scientists took that body to the laboratory in London. They found out that it had some characteristics of the human but had wings around its arms. The pictures of it went viral all over London and all around the globe. Scientists kept on saying that it had the characteristics of human like angel.

That was the most shocking story near Corinthia Hotel London of the day and people had come from different countries to have a look at the human like angel that landed from the sky to the street in London. The body looked to be in old state that had wings on its arms. Scientists assured the people in London and told everybody that the body of that strange human like angel never appeared to be linked to this planet.

That angel like creature stunned near Corinthia Hotel London everybody in London and the video of that incident went viral all over the streets in London and all over on social media. The short documentary of that body was watched by so many people on the social media. The final analysis of the experiments that were taken from the experienced scientists also revealed that it never belonged to this planet and must have fallen from the sky and landed in the streets of London.

Creature turned out to be amazing for everybody in London and for the Scientists as well. They never expected it to be the real body from this planet and shocked everybody. The video also was a shocking one for the scientists and the people living in London too.

Angel Like Creature

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