Angel Like Creature Appears in Mosque

Famous mosque in Saudi Arabia, an interesting incident happened when an angel like creature was seen sitting among the Muslims listening to the Imam. That creature looked like an old man who was wearing white clothes and was sitting among the people in the Masjid Nabwi. That was not less than a miracle to everybody.

The angel like creature in mosque was captured by the camera man while the Imam was reciting the verses of Holy book of Islam. Nobody sitting there felt anything strange as all the Muslims were sitting there, were quite busy listening to the verses of holy book of Islam. The Imam was telling the incidents of the past from the Muslim times.

The strange man was noticed by the camera man as he was recording the live coverage of the speech of the Imam. At once, the cameraman was quite shocked after watching the appearance of that human like creature that was only watchable through the camera. It was believed that it was kind of miracle of Allah and that man could have come there to listen to the beautiful events of Islam.

Every corner of mosque was televised live during the speech of the Imam, but that appearance human like creature was seen only in one corner alongside a Muslim man who was sitting close to him. The footage of the appearance of that angel like man was sent to the news channel so that it could be spread throughout the world of Muslims.

During the speech in mosque, the Imam was telling the events from the early Muslim efforts for the sake of Islam. Everybody present there was so amused by the Islamic speech that they really appreciated the Imam for letting them know the real incidents that were happened in the early days of Islam. This video was viewed many times by all the Muslims on channel of Islam.

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