Anchor Archana Acts Strangely During IPL Match

Female TV anchor Archana acted very strangely during an ongoing IPL match. The whole incident was captured by the camera man despite of the fact that the director had already announced to cut the scene. The leaked video of the shameful act of the female TV anchor during the ongoing IPL cricket match went viral on the social media.

Anchor Archana was reporting from the field of play during the IPL match when there was a short drinks break was going on. The other host Sameer was present in the studio to which she was reporting the activities. When all the reporting was done from the lady standing in the ground, Sameer announced for a short commercial break to wrap up the particular scene.

The director had also announced to cut the camera recording and both the hosts sitting in studio and in the ground felt quite relaxed. Sameer complained about the coolness of the room and asked for a decrease in the air conditioner temperature since he was getting perspiration. The service boy fetched some cold drink and body spray for the Host.

Female Anchor Archana was also watching Sameer using body spray during the break. Both did not have any idea that although the director announced for the recording to be stopped but the cameraman kept on recording the footage.

The time Host Sameer sprinkled body spray the lady started to flirt as if she smelled the fragrance of the body spray. Sameer got shocked by Anchor Archana’s this act as it looked quite shameful in front of all the staff members.

The host sitting in studio did not know how the anchor could smell the fragrance while standing in the middle of the ground. The reality was known to everybody when they were told that it was a pre-planned activity for the publicity of that product of body spray.

Anchor Activity Caught by Camera during IPL

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